Friday, August 14, 2009

Michael Vick Eagles Signing

Well, this just goes to show you. You can be the most vile scum on the face of the planet and still get a job...and not just a job but a damn good one.

Yeah, Michael Vick has signed a 2 year deal with the Eagles.

Who is surprised?

I'm not. If Vick had NOT got a job...THEN I would have been surprised.

It seems that in the world we live in, we just can't help but give the bad boys a second matter what they've done. Oh yeah, I know there are exceptions. But I guess in the case of Vick, hey, what's a little dog fighting?

Oh yeah, I know...there are those out there who think that he should be allowed to play football again. Well, I'm under the belief that more people are against it. So, what I have decided to do (if I can figure out how to do it) is set up a little poll for you folks to answer.

It's simple.

Do you think Vick should be allowed to play football again...yes or no?

I can't wait to see the answers to this one.....

Should prove to be an interesting look into the human thought process.


Steven Wagenheim